Project Description

Full Height Gate


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FHG-F01 full high turnstile is a access control equipment with let-through guide rod, and also a high security level of pathway product designed in combination with Joydata’s several years of experience on design and production of entrance pathways and various gate control technologies.
FHG-F01 adopts the latest mechatronic control technology, which is a full high turnstile specially designed for automatic unattended entrance, applicable for high level of security places such as the surrounding of nuclear power, factories and prisons. The wing adopts rotating column to drive the rod, crossed with the barrier unit, which is strongly applicable to the surrounding buildings. It can be used together with the access card reader, and also a high level of unattended security product, widely applied to nuclear industries and other security fields.


  • IC card verification.

  • Bar code and QR code verification.

  • Multi-sound and light/alarm reminder.

  • 45° anti-reverse passing.

  • The wing may keep at several optional state after power-off.

  • Supports electronic core or mechanical core.


  • The entire frame structure is made of high quality AISI304 (AISI316 optional) stainless steel.

  • The entire machine adopts high degree of integration, modular design and convenient maintenance.

  • A DC motor driver or pure mechanical driver is used, with low driving torque, ensuring the safety of passing persons.

  • The internal core of gate works silently, without mechanical friction and crash.

  • Rich electric interfaces, with optoelectronic isolation, which can be connected with each control system, easy for system integration.

  • Realize the remote control and management directly by management and control center.