Project Description

Self-service Ticket Gate


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AG-T01 tripod turnstile adopts the mechatronic control technology, based on the principle of stable, reliable, economic and practical design, using fine and durable structure, oriented by the design of highly compatible checking-in interface and specially design for control of economic entrance. It is applicable for checking-in zone of entrance at cinemas, venues and scenic spots, realizing the checking-in control between the paid zone and the non-paid zone.
AG-T01 has unique anti-reverse function, and also simple level of anti-tail capability during single let-through; the rod falls once the power is off, and raises after the power is on, without manual interference. The patent of unique magnetic positioning technology is authorized. The entire machine is quiet during let-through and operation, offering passengers a safe, convenient, comfortable and respectful experience.


  • IC card verification.
  • Bar code and QR code verification.

  • Multi-sound and light/alarm reminder.

  • Anti-reverse passing.

  • The rod falls once the power is off, and raises after the power is on.


  • The entire frame structure is made of high quality AISI304 stainless steel.
  • The entire machine adopts high degree of integration, modular design and convenient maintenance.

  • A DC motor driver or pure mechanical driver is used, with low driving torque, ensuring the safety of passing persons.

  • The internal core of gate works silently, without mechanical friction and crash.

  • Rich electric interfaces, with optoelectronic isolation, which can be connected with each control system, easy for system integration.