2021 China International Baking Exhibition, Joydata perfect debut

China International Baking Exhibition is serving the whole industry chain of the baking industry, set product display, procurement, trade in one, the world’s leading baking products and services exhibition. April 27, 2021 30th China Petroleum Week Army Selt Evat Ivante Igin Ichi Ikin Iggy Iggy Evans Ivanka Ivanka Ivanka Ikin Iggin Iggy Iggy Iggy Iggy Azalea has more than 20,000 exhibitors, professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions, with audience growth of more than 18% and online social media exposure of more than 200 million.

As an exhibitor providing intelligent sales solutions, Joydata entered the Bake Off for the first time and debuted the show with the overall solution for unmanned retail, self-service billing management system and online marketing management platform. At the exhibition, Joydata discussed the application of smart retail in the baking industry and new business models with chain baking brands, raw material distributors, private bakers, etc. Joydata exhibitors for each customer patiently explain the product functions and applications, visitors have asked questions and consultations, the products of Joydata has a strong interest and gave a high evaluation.

Joydata has the unique advantage of self-selling West Point/Bread Machine software, that is, it can provide customers with a variety of functions, such as through online marketplace small programs to help customers build private domain traffic, build the brand’s own membership system precision marketing The marketing program effectively reach consumers, salesmen distribute and promote fission, turn fans into salesmen, conduct online business, earn performance and commissions, open takeaway platform to increase sales channels, users small program online and offline orders, online counters to meet peak purchase needs. Store self-service billing solution is based on artificial intelligence visual recognition technology, the product after machine learning to achieve consumer self-service payment, to shorten the payment time, reduce labor costs.

2021 Baking Show has been perfectly concluded, Joydata will continue to work deep in the baking industry, glowing heat, to a more professional, more efficient attitude to serve our customers, welcome new and old customers to negotiate patronage!