Joydata Dispenser Hits Hospitals in East China

Joydata Technology’s self-service dispenser equipment has landed in a number of hospitals in Eastern China. Joydata self-service dispensing machine through docking HIS system, weighing and visual recognition of dual detection to replace pharmacists to review prescriptions, brush health insurance cards or scan prescription codes to collect medicine, remote real-time monitoring and adjustment of temperature and humidity in the box, printing instructions for drug use and other functions, for hospitals to achieve automated drug distribution , patient self-service drug collection. Patients go to the dispenser to swipe a health insurance card or scan the prescription QR code, machine identification check the prescription after automatically issued and print instructions for medication

This product and solution effectively simplifies the patient’s drug collection process. It improves the efficiency of taking medicine. At the same time for the hospital to reduce the cost of labor, has been highly recognized by customers and the majority of users.