Joydata’s chairman-Mr. Liu Baojun accepted an interview from People’s Daily

On May 8th, 2019, Joydata’s chairman-Mr. Liu Baojun accepted an interview from CEWEEKLY. CN.

Mr. Liu had a warm discussion with journalists and introduced Joydata’s development history, business field, recent running situation and future planning.

Mr. Liu underlined that the first period construction of Joydata’s industrial park has been completed under the great support of Wujiang government and the manufacturing base was to move into the industrial park soon. We expressed our sincere gratitude to Wujiang government and we would stick to our resolution to “Focus on innovation to run the company steadfastly”.

Joydata Industrial Park

Chairman Mr. Liu showed the journalists around the factory and introduced the production, facility, function and features of TVM, AG and self-service vending machine.

Self-service Ticket Gate

Automatic Vending Machine

In the end, the journalists applauded for Joydata’s cutting-edge market awareness and independent innovation spirit, for Joydata’s excellent performance in past years, and expressed their best wishes for the development prospect of Joydata’s new business unit.

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