Joydata provides access control management service for Huawei booth in MWC 2018

Recently, MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018 was concluded successfully in Shanghai. MWC, organized by GSMA association, is one of the most powerful exhibition worldwide, and is Huawei’s highlight in each year’s marketing.
In past exhibition, the booths of Huawei and other top players were usually crowded with mixed personnel. They were confronted with problems that competitors or peers sneaked into their booth. To avoid above-mentioned problems, many companies were exploring how to effectively manage visitors inside the booth. In this exhibition, Huawei adopted access control system for the first time. It is Joydata’s honor to help provide gate S01 for exhibition on-site management. S01 is integrated with face recognition function and can fulfill Huawei’s needs of over tens of thousands of visitors every day. Face ID function has provided surprisingly pleasant entry experience for VIP customer. Its accurate collection and recognition of visitors’ identities largely avoided the entry of competitors and unauthorized visitors. What’s more, it provided strong post-exhibition data support for Big Data analysis and accurate marketing.
This is a beneficial exploration in exhibition management field and it perfectly matches Huawei’s theme in this exhibition-Move towards an intelligent world of IoE (Inernet of Everything).