Joydata cooperate with Zhuzhou smart rail to bring cool travel experience

On May 8, 2018, the world’s first smart rail line was put into trial operation in Zhuzhou.

When it comes to getting on the bus, you need to see how to get to the station first. It only takes three steps to get to the station easily. Namely swipe ID card, take QR code, clearance station.

Joydata has provided a new generation of ticket machine for smart rail. Passengers can purchase tickets in different ways through WeChat, Alipay and ID card on the machine. Elderly people also fully help themselves to the self-service experience.
Joydata has been providing a leading self-service ticketing solution for rapid public transport in several cities. With the development of the smart rail industry, Joydata’s solutions are more widely used and bring better travel experience to passengers.