Joydata successfully concluded the 2018 Zhejiang international intelligent building technology and security products exhibition

In the beautiful March, Joydata came to Hangzhou on March 29 with leading intelligent building and intelligent transportation solutions, and became the focus of the exhibition.
Intelligent building solutions include facial recognition machine , remote APP visitor reservation, facial recognition automatic gate and back-end visitor management system.Realise the real link to the Internet.The exhibition attracted reporters from Hangzhou TV station,and also have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the solution.
The audience experience the way of face recognition and communicate with the staff of Joydata actively.
Till now, Joydata’s solutions have been widely used in 5A office buildings and large enterprise parks. Joydata is committed to become an international company in the field of self-service products, research and development and production of more self-service products, to provide convenience for people’s lives. This coincides with the theme of the conference, “architecture and intelligence, wisdom and the future”.