Joydata stood out in Dubai security exhibition

1On January 21, the Middle East (Dubai) international security equipment and technology exhibition (” Dubai security exhibition “) opened in Dubai international exhibition center.This is the second time Joynda has attended the exhibition.

Joydata showcases a complete set of facial recognition solutions and AFC solutions.Facial recognition solutions are a combination of hardware and software technologies that can be applied to building visitors, industrial parks and customs entry and exit scenarios.Face recognition technology is a kind of biometric identification technology with high accuracy, easy to use, high stability and difficult to counterfeit.The exhibition attracted audiences from different countries to experience this convenient and high-tech product.In particular, people in dark-skinned countries can also be recognised accurately, which adding interest to the experience.It is also the only one among all exhibitors to show facial recognition solutions.In addition, Joydata’s solution in the field of transportation also attracts a lot of attention. Ticket vending machines also attract a lot of inquiries from the audience.