Project Description

Self-service Visitor Machine


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TVM-N03 is a self-developed self-service passenger aircraft based on many years of experience in the field of AFC. The whole machine adopts all-steel structure frame, which conforms to ergonomics, has good operation experience, high integration, modular structure design, easy maintenance and operation. Widely used in high-end office buildings, enterprise parks, financial institutions, exhibition centers and other places with dense traffic, with intuitive, convenient and efficient service capabilities.
TVM-N03 has abundant functions. It integrates second-generation ID card reader, bar code printer, touch screen, etc. It can help registrants to input visitor information quickly and conveniently. The whole machine includes hardware, software and network support, which can provide comprehensive access control solutions for property management cleaners, building tenants, visitors and cargo transportation, and realize the effective management of the building’s entry and exit personnel.


  • Appointment.

  • Web page query.

  • Document identification.

  • Print visitor QR code receipt.

  • Face detection.


  • 2mm cold-rolled alloy steel plate, surface sprayed, streamlined design, simple and elegant appearance.

  • 32-inch touchable LED display, sensitive, safe and reliable.

  • Multiple cooling fans ensure that the equipment can work normally under high temperature conditions.

  • Each module unit can be pulled out to facilitate operation and maintenance.
  • Independent research and development of self-service visitor software system.