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TVM-F03 is a full-functional automatic ticket vending machine, researched and developed by Joydata against its several years of experience on AFC field. The entire machine is made of full steel structure, meeting with the requirements of human engineering, with good operation feeling, high integration, designed in modular structure and easy for maintenance and operation.
TVM-F03 automatic ticket vending machine has lots of functions, integrating the currency collection module, paper currency change, coin change, bank card module, bar code scanner, IC card reader, monitoring module and ticket printer and so on, which is the best choice for full-functional ticket vending solution.


  • Buying a ticket by paper currency, coin or bank card.

  • Paper currency change and coin change.

  • Ticket pickup against verification of 2nd-generation ID and QR-code.

  • Continuous ticket and slip printing.

  • Video monitoring, and sound and light reminder.

  • Self-developed ticket vending software system.

  • Internet visit, information inquiry and ticket booking and pickup.


  • The entire machine is made of stainless steel (cold-rolled steel spraying), designed in streamline.

  • All the structures adopt modular design. The internal structure is clean and reasonable in arrangement;

  • The money box (coin/paper currency) can be drawn alone, with electronic ID verification and the design of code lock.

  • Infrared explosion proof touch screen, sensitive in operation, and safe and reliable.

  • Back maintenance mode: each modular unit can be pulled out alone, easy for operation and maintenance.

  • The operation flow of inquiry, booking and ticket pickup is brief and quick. The system response quickly and sensitively.

  • Equip with UPS power, to ensure the last transaction would be completed after power-off.