Project Description

Medicine Vending Machine


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AVM-F04 is a drug vending machine independently developed from the years of experience in the field of automatic sales of Joydata. The whole machine adopts all steel structure frame, which conforms to ergonomics, has a good sense of operation experience, high integration, modular structure design and convenient maintenance and operation. It can be used in pharmacy, office building, community and other public places, with fast, convenient and 24-hour service ability.
AVM-F04 has rich functions. The whole machine integrates IC card reader (optional), thermal printer (optional), touch screen, etc. Provide customers with a comprehensive and intelligent retail management experience, and provide consumers with a fast and convenient consumer experience.


  • Wechat Pay, Alipay, VIP Card Pay.

  • Delivery precisely and print voucher.

  • Video and acoustooptic prompt.

  • Information display and advertising delivery.

  • Independent research and development of Intelligent sales system.


  • Integrated fuselage, double-layer large-area tempered glass window.

  • Adopt international advanced robot + crawler transmission method.

  • Customized software development services.

  • Using r-134a refrigerant.

  • Standard photoelectric shipment detection system, safe and energy saving.

  • Infrared explosion-proof touch screen, sensitive, safe and reliable.