Project Description

Self-service Ticket Gate


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AG-S04 automatic gate machine adopts the latest mechatronic control technology and advanced sensor anti-tail detection system, applicable for being used at ports, docks and stations and the like entrance for ticket checking, realizing the control of ticket checking between the paid zone and the non-paid zone. The automatic gate machine is an automation equipment integrating the advanced computer technology, network technology and the intelligent automation technology.
The development of AG-S04 is for the purpose of the demand of latest information development, which is designed carefully by integrating several years of experience on AFC. It offers information and digital ticket management method for automatic electric ticket management, and enables a brand-new and convenient ticket checking mode, and further provides a safe, convenient and comfortable experience for passengers.


  • The second generation ID card reading, verifying and passing.
  • RFID, bar code and QR code recognition and verification.

  • Voucher printing.

  • Information display in 6.5-inch HD LCD.

  • Multiple acoustooptic/alarm function.

  • Multiple sensors to monitor traffic.


  • The frame structure of the machine adopts high quality AISI304 stainless steel and high strength toughened glass.

  • High integration, modular design, easy maintenance, transparent and beautiful appearance.

  • DC motor drive, small driving moment, to ensure the safety of passers-by; green silence, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • Multi-level sensor zoning design, comprehensive coverage of safety and security areas, real-time monitoring of pedestrians and objects.

  • Rich electrical interface, with photoelectric isolation, can be docked with various control systems, easy system integration.

  • It can realize remote control and management directly through centralized control center.